Company SIA „Vigranti” founded in 1997., 04. April. The company is dealing with the logging and lumber wastes (sawdust, bark, strain, etc.) processing, marketing and exports.

 SIA „Vigranti” began their activities with logging and wood exports. Beginning cooperation with Latvia forest owners, the company acquired the first professional forest technique that allowed to achieve the quality of the development and transport of roundwood. As the next step for the company was to establish a new industry – pulpwood purveyance and exports.

In the beginning of the New Century, in 2001 the company restructed to biomass production, seeing it as future business opportunities and growth.

18 years of modern forestry practices, qualified staff and wood processing technique has allowed the company to produce a high quality fuel chips, which are used to generate energy and used for electricity production, as one of the alternative and renewable energy resources.

 Since SIA „Vigranti” as a company was founded it hav ensured the independent company's growth and a reliable partners in Latvia and cooperation in Europe. In the coure of time volume of production has increased so that the company is ranked in the largest and most stable Latvian woodworking business listing, what approves the final reading, in year of 2011, company sold to the domestic market and exporteda total of 430,000m³wood chipsand sawdust.