• Mežu skuju koka šķelda. The coniferous wood chips

  • Jaukta lapu un skuju koku šķelda. Compound leafs and coniferous wood chips

  • Drupināta nomaļu šķelda. Crumbled sawing tails.

  • Drupināti atgriezumi no zāģētavām. Crumbled mill wastes

  • Šķeldoti nomaļi. Chiped sawing tails

  • Drupināti dēļu atgriezumi. Crumled timber wastes.

SIA Vigranti manufactures and distributes fuel chips in the Baltic states and Scandinavia. Chips are used to generate energy, heating and electricity production.

We get the biomass by chipping branches, bark and scraps of wood

Maximum fractions dimensions 20x50x35

Seasonal moisture quantiti from 35% to 55%